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MF links for KinKi You - Normal Ed Disc 4 
26th-Jan-2011 11:55 am
When I checked out my MF, I found out that I did re-upload these without chaos_diamond's permission, so last night I  wrote a message to say sorry and ask for sharing these with my friends~!!!
She was very nice to approve my request of re-posting and she did update her old post with my links also~!!! *happily sweetly smile* <'33

So yeahh~ I will have another entry here...

*Note: Because MF often delete things, I'm not sure when these links will be expired...
And please note that I finished re-uploading all these a while ago, so maybe there will be some links that can't work...
If any of the links has problem, please pm me here or via my email: kim_anh190692333@yahoo.com.vn!!! I'll find a way to fix it~!!!
...However, I think you'd better get these before they're expired!!! After all, I'm not sure I'll be around often enough to deal with any problems for you in time~!!! ^^"

<<The same with my last entry huh~? Yeahh, I've repeated this again and again so please keep this in mind~!!!>>

And please follow the link to chaos_diamond's post  I give right after the Con's name to get the MU links if you prefer.
Enjoy~!!! ^^


[Concert] KinKi You - Normal Ed Disc 4

~> MF folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?2qgmngec4umub
17th-Mar-2011 01:04 am (UTC)
thank you^^
17th-Mar-2011 03:29 am (UTC)
Your welcome!!! ^^ I'm glad to see your comment!!! ^^
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